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03 - 05 December 2014

2014 Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference, Manila, Philippines 

Main theme:

“Early Childhood Development on the Global Agenda – Building partnerships for sustainability and harmony”

Strand 1: Partnerships and Alliance Building for ECD 

Strand 2: Contributing to Sustainable Development through ECD 

Strand 3: Building Social Cohesion through ECD 

21 - 24 October 2015

China’s Fourth International Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Poverty Reduction Summit and 2015 Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference, Beijing, China

Main theme: ‘The transformative power of ECD for equitable Development’,

Subtheme 1: The child

Subtheme 2: Immediate environment the child lives in 

Subtheme 3: Society 

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01 - 03 March 2017

'The transformative power of ECD: the importance of holistic interventions' 


1. Policies and programmes which address the holistic nature of ECD in a broader spectrum that integrates but is not limited to health and nutrition, responsive caregiving, early learning, and protection.

2. Approaches which focus on equitable access to, and participation in, these holistic programmes and which therefore address discrimination based on gender, economic status, vulnerability, language/ethnicity, disability, and geography.

3. Quality monitoring of outcomes/measurements/indicators (how countries monitor the ECD-related targets in the SDGs) with special reference to inequity.

To access the Conference programme and all presentations CLICK HERE 

05 - 07 June 2018

2018 Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal hosted by Government of Nepal 

Main theme: ‘Towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: what is a successful multi-sectoral approach to ECD?’


(i) health and nutrition; 

(ii) responsive caregiving; 

(iii) early learning; 

and (iv) safety and security.

To access the Conference programme and all presentations CLICK HERE  

30 - 31 March 2019

Child Australia is proud to announce the 2019 Early Childhood Learning and Development Conference, Western Australia’s most anticipated event by all those that work with children across a range of professions.

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08 - 11 April 2019

2019 World Forum on Early Care and Education - Macao 

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26 - 27 April 2019

Building a firm foundation for ALL children through play

* Philippines to host first-ever world conference in Developmental Play

* Global experts meeting to help ensure that every child has the right to play and reach their fullest potential

* New approach reaches out to those who need it most, regardless of abilities

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24 - 26 September 2019

2nd call for proposals for the Inclusion, Mobility, and Multilingual Education Conference: Exploring the role of languages for education and development. The proposal submission deadline has been extended to 14 March 2019.

Please submit your proposal at: 


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