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Transforming the physical environment that shapes young children’s health and development: the role of policies and partnerships - An Action Agenda

By Carlos Dora, MD, PhD

Dr. Dora stressed the linkages between the physical environment and ECD highlighting risks and opportunities in the environment that create or hinder nurturing care for young children.

The keynote speaker raised examples of cities and countries that provide conditions of sustainable environment through public policies that promote the wellbeing of young children. These include the health impacts of outdoor and indoor air pollution, electronic waste, and artisanal mining, including the onset of climate change.

The global health expert offered solutions with ECD inter-linkages through the use of incentives, policies and regulations through urban spaces, transport, sustainable energy, and housing that provide opportunities for multisectoral collaboration.

Dr. Dora added that national and local development plans and investments should be framed by a vision that integrates cities, children, clean air, health and climate.

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