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Caring for the caregivers: practical experiences and resources for parents and caregivers of young children

By Webinar presenters from various organisations

ARNEC webinar series on young children amidst COVID-19: webinar no.2

This webinar focuses on the need to support parents and caregivers as they face multiple challenges resulting from COVID-19 containment measures enforced by Governments to halt the spread of corona virus. As schools, pre-schools and ECD centers are closed, the responsibility for positive childcare is solely left to parents and caregivers with little to no human interaction with neighbours and communities and with constrained support from the government and the private sector.

The speakers and presenters are:

1) Dr. Pablo Stansbery, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office

Situation of young children in the Asia-Pacific: the important role of responsive caregiving in managing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in the home

2) Dr. Jamie M. Lachman, University of Oxford and University of Glasgow

Supporting families and caregivers: Global Inter-agency COVID-19 resources

3) Dr. Rumaya Binti Juhari, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Contextualisation and dissemination of parenting resources in Malaysia

4) Ms. Fitriana Herarti, ChildFund International Indonesia

Parents/Caregiver psychosocial support in ensuring children well-being during covid-19 outbreak

5) Ms. Aparajita Chaudhary, UNICEF India

COVID-19 Academy: Capacity building of frontline volunteers on ‘Responsive Parenting for Young Children in Time of COVID-19’

This webinar will be moderated by Prof.Margaret Sims, Steering Committee member, ARNEC.

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Webinar #1: Practical ECD Strategies for the most vulnerable young children and their families.

Additional resources related to #caring for the caregivers.

For parents, caregivers and professionals working with families.

1) Looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak by Beyond Blues, Australia.

2) COVID-19 guidances and resources by SAMHSA, U.S Department of Health and Human Services,

3) Resources for caregivers, parents and professionals working with families experiencing mental health issues by COPMI, Australia,

4) COVID-19 ACADEMY for frontline volunteers and outreach workers

Sphere India in collaboration with NDMA, UNICEF, WHO India and HCL Foundation has launched the COVID-19 Academy to build capacities of frontline volunteers and outreach workers through a range of technical sessions for preparedness and response to COVID-19.

5) Mental Health and COVID-19

10 March 2020 – WHO is providing guidance to help people manage fear, stigma and discrimination during COVID-19. In the #AskWHO film below, expert Aiysha Malik answers public questions about mental health and preventing stress during the outbreak.

5) Briefing Note about MHPSS aspects of COVID-19 - Inter-Agency Standing Committee

4 March 2020 - With inputs from all its member organizations, the IASC MHPSS RG recently finalized a Briefing Note about MHPSS aspects of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This document summarizes key mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) considerations in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, such as appropriate MHPSS responses, overarching principles and globally recommended activities.

*NEW* ARNEC's report on webinar 2

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