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Distance learning approaches for young children

By Webinar presenters

ARNEC webinar series on young children amidst COVID-19: webinar no.4

This webinar focuses on distance learning approaches for young children and their families and caregivers, particularly transforming the home as a safe learning space through online/digital and non-digital platforms.

A particular concern is responding to the needs of families and communities with limited or no internet connectivity, or who are not literate or deem themselves not competent to ‘teach’ their young children: how can they be empowered then to overcome barriers to learning in the home and supported with context-sensitive non-digital learning approaches?

Some of the key questions that will be answered in the webinar are:

• What is the overall impact of COVID-19 containment measures (e.g., lockdown measures, stay at home, school closures) on young children’s development especially in terms of early learning opportunities? How will the situation impact young children, both in the short and long-term?

• What guidance can be provided to parents and caregivers who may not be educated or literate to support distance learning of their young children? How can they be supported to engage their young children amidst the many pressures they are facing during this crisis?

The speakers and topics are found below:

Dr Venita Kaul, Ambedkar University, Delhi

--COVID-19’s impact on young children’s learning - short and long term.

Ms. Baela Raza Jamil, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) Centre for Education and Consciousness Education and Consciousness, Pakistan

-- Engaging children in play-based learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Alice Wong, OneSky for all children, Hong Kong, China

-- Online engagement and learning during COVID-19 and next steps: examples from China and Vietnam

Ms. Psyche Vetta Olayvar, UNICEF Philippines

-- Engaging Parents/Caregivers in Early Stimulation and Learning at Home: UNICEF - Govt of the Philippines Experience

Ms Jyoti Dhingra, ARNEC National Representative for India moderated this webinar.

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