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Highlights of ARNEC webinar: an introduction to IDELA Data Explorer

By ARNEC Secretariat and webinar presenters

ARNEC holds webinars to connect the ECD community in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond on advocacies for early childhood development. ARNEC is committed to increase knowledge-base on ECD; we work with partners to generate and consolidate new knowledge through research, documentation of good practices, and the development and sharing of ECD tools and other resources.

ARNEC organised the webinar, Introduction to Save the Children's IDELA Data Explorer on 23 September, 6pm-7pm, Singapore time. The webinar was attended by ECCE/ ECD professionals, development workers, staff from NGOs, foundations, and academia from over 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.  

Watch the webinar recording on ARNEC's YouTube Channel, view and download ARNEC highlights on the webinar and presentation slides used in the event.  

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