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Prescription to Play (P2P) Project Advocacy Series

By Prescription to Play

P2P Advocacy Series #2

If you are concerned with the development of your child, talk to a health assistant. In Bhutan, health assistants (Has) use the Bhutan Child Development Screening Tool (BCDST) for the periodic screening of children from 2½ to 60 months covering developmental domains, such as physical development, communication/language, problem solving/cognition, and personal social development.  

The screening tool is part of the HA’s normal immunization and growth monitoring visits and provides information whether or not the child exhibits certain skills or behaviours within four areas of developmental domain based on the responses of parents or caregivers. The screening information becomes useful in developing a child-specific plan for caregivers in addition to other support or referrals necessary. 

For example, if the screening indicates a delay in the physical development of a baby under six months, the HA might recommend caregiver’s practice games like ‘Knock it down’in addition to making a referral to a specialist or making an appointment for further monitoring, depending on the specific needs of the child.

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