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Strengthening and Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Landscape Analysis Continuous Quality Improvement


Early childhood development (ECD) services have a strong, positive impact on children’s development. Research from diverse contexts shows that interventions that promote nurturing care in early learning environments significantly improve childhood development and later adult outcomes. Despite increasing knowledge on the benefits of ECD, however, much remains unknown about the early childhood workforce, the range of individuals across paid and unpaid roles who provide services to young children and their caregivers across the health, nutrition, education, and social and child protection sectors. 

Research supports that the workforce is one of the most important factors influencing the quality of ECD services. As such, ECWI is carrying out a series of global landscape analyses to illustrate the size and scope of the challenges faced by the early childhood workforce, while also highlighting promising practices countries have adopted in response to these challenges. 

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Country study: 

(1) Singapore  

(2) Philippines  

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