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Early Childhood Matters 2016 - Advances in early childhood development

By Bernard Van Leer Foundation, 2016

On 25 September 2015, countries around the world adopted a set of goals to

end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of the new

sustainable development agenda (United Nations, 2015). For young children

and families this was a landmark moment, as the Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs) recognise the critical importance of assuring that all young

children get off to a good start. For the Bernard van Leer Foundation, after

more than 50 years of experience investing in early childhood development

(ECD), this represents the dawn of a new era.

We are therefore relaunching this journal in a new format, on a new publication

schedule and to serve a new purpose. Early Childhood Matters: Advances in Early

Childhood Development will be published annually with the aim of elevating

key issues, spreading awareness of promising solutions to support holistic child

development and strong families, and exploring the elements needed to take

those solutions to scale. It is our hope that by documenting the advances in these

areas each year, we will be sharing the latest ideas, inspiring innovations and

contributing to momentum on behalf of young children and families.

That momentum is growing around the world. More than ever before, the

earliest years of life are being recognised as the foundation of human

development and economic success. Propelled by a combination of science,

economics, parental demand, new champions and common sense, we are

witnessing a revolution in thinking about the importance of the period from

pre-conception to the early primary grades. 

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