[Webinar] Voices of Children and Youth in Asia Pacific:

  • When : 29th March 2023

  • Time : 6:15pm - 7:30pm

  • Moderator :

  • Advocacy : Clean, safe and sustainable environment

  • Panelists : • Dr Najat Maalla SRSG Ending Violence Against Children • Dr Adrian Cerezo, ECD-Climate Change Senior Advisor for ECD networks • Dr Rinchen Chophel, SAIEVAC DG & UN CRC Committee Member • Abdullah Lodin, Youth advocate from Afghanistan • Prenusa Pandey, Youth advocate from Nepal • Alisi Rabukawaqa-Nacewa, Youth advocate from Pacific • Mr Cherian Thomas, World Vision Regional Leader, South Asia and Pacific


Voices of Children and Youth in Asia Pacific: Realizing the SDGs through resilience building in early childhood and ending violence against children

Side Event of the 10th Asia-Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development, March 29, 17:15-18.30 GMT+7

About the event

In Asia Pacific, the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed progress made and widened inequities on many fronts, including in the areas of early childhood development for the most vulnerable populations and ending child labor of at-risk children. These negative situations are compounded by climate change emergencies, environmental degradation, disasters, gender and disability discrimination. Up to 46 million children are at risk without access to social protection. 65% of children face 4 or more climate and environmental shocks, as compared to the global average of 37% based on UNICEF’s Children Climate Risk Index 2021. Combined, these worsening inequities are hampering attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the region.

In keeping with this year’s APFSD theme, this joint side event has a specific focus on SDG 17 Partnership. This multi-stakeholder event aims to showcase diverse voices of children and youth in Asia Pacific as we celebrate their agency and solutions to realize the SDGs. It will underscore two key agendas against a backdrop of uncertainties: (1) South Asia Initiative on Ending Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC) to protect the rights of vulnerable children so that none is left behind in the attainment of the SDGs 11 and 17; (2) Resilience building in early childhood by supporting the youngest children (from conception to before primary school age) and their families as a fundamental tool for building community resilience and boost attainment of long-term cross-cutting impact across the full sustainable development agenda.


Key Questions and Outcomes

Through this joint side event, we will examine the following key guiding questions:

  • What are the key achievements and good practices in policies, financing, programming related to the two agendas of ending VAC and ECD to boost attainment across all of the SDGs 2030 agenda?
  • On ending child labour -- How is South Asia maximising on SDG 19 Partnerships to support and amplify children’s voices in ending child labour and building sustainable healthy and resilient communities (SDG 11)?
  • On early childhood development – In the context of East Asia and Pacific, what is the role of young child-sensitive policies, financing, programs to promote resilience in families and communities when facing COVID-19 and climate change?
  • Why is it important for children and young people to be consulted and taken seriously in the implementation of the SDGs?
  • How do we ensure that child and youth are not left behind in decision-making to progress the SDGs?


Expected outcomes from this multi-stakeholder panel featuring youth voices:

  • To emphasize SDG 17 partnerships as fundamental to advance SDGs 2030 agenda.
  • To bring awareness to the power of early childhood sensitivity in policy, financing, and programs to promote community resilience while boosting achievement across all SDGs.
  • To showcase solutions of South Asia Initiative on Ending Violence Against Children in alignment with SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • To prominently feature diverse voices of children and youth across Asia Pacific.