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Understanding home-based responsive caregiving practices in Maharashtra, India during COVID-19

Shivani Parashar writes about the adjustment to digital approaches in implementing the Responsive Caregiving Package (RCP).

Responsive playful parenting: strategic innovation on stunting prevention amidst COVID-19 in West Java, Indonesia

Fitriana Herarti of ChildFund Indonesia shares the evidence from the implementation of a pilot child stunting prevention program in West Java.

Exploring the impact of the BRAC Pashe Acchi model in Bangladesh

The BRAC Team led by Sakila Yesmin shares the evidence from the implementation of the Pashe Acchi model.

Guiding parents to play at home: Home-based ECCD program in the Philippines

Khara Uy and Edwin Taleon describes how the Home-based ECCD Program of the ECCD Council was adjusted to introduce responsive caregiving behaviours.

Integrating technology to improve distance learning opportunities and screening services for caregivers of 0-3 children in Bhutan during the COVID-19 pandemic

Karma Dyenka of Save the Children explains how technology was harnessed to improve distance learning for caregivers and health assistants and provide screening