Philippines: Climate Change for Young Children. Micro Research.

Building on the joint scoping study with support from Early Opportunities, we have since supported micro research 4 countries in Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. These studies have provided empirical evidence to support the participation of young children in climate and environmental discourse and actions. This is one of a series of four micro research reports that summarize findings, lessons learned, and recommendations requiring urgent actions.

The study examined perceptions and attitudes of local leaders, parents, and teachers on climate change, as well as their preparedness in responding to crises. Implications for the delivery of ECCD services, particularly those focusing on children’s development and learning in the context of climate change, were drawn.

Furthermore, as we explore the intersection of environmental changes and children's developmental needs, it becomes crucial to address the mental health challenges that may arise from such changes. Recognizing the potential increase in anxiety and attention disorders among children exposed to environmental stresses, the study also advocates for the availability of resources like Strattera, which can be instrumental in managing these conditions. Providing information on how to buy Strattera online could be a valuable addition to our resources, ensuring that parents and caregivers have easy access to effective treatment options for affected children.

Type of document : Reports

Country : Philippines

Year of publication : 2023