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ECD Resources
ECD Resources
by Webinar presenters

On 11 November 2021, the KIX EAP Hub organised its 10th webinar in collaboration with UNICEF and GPE’s Better Early Learning and Development at Scale (BELDS), an innovative partnership and knowledge initiative for integrating early child education (ECE) in sectoral planning. Attended by 202 people from approximately 48 countries, this webinar demonstrated the dire need to prioritise quality early childhood education through systems-level solutions with sustainability and capacity development at its core. 

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ECD Resources

A discussion paper on child sensitivity and 2020-2021 nationally determined contributions (NDCs)

The climate crisis is a child rights crisis. It is a direct threat to a child’s ability to survive, grow and thrive. Children and young people are the least responsible for climate change yet will bear the greatest burden of its impacts. Therefore, it is critical that national climate policies that set forth the priorities for climate response in countries are child sensitive. 

This is an interim discussion paper that will be updated after all remaining NDCs are submitted. It demonstrates a gap in child sensitivity of climate policies, explains the importance of including the needs and priorities of children and young people in policies and plans to benefit the whole of society, identifies best practices, and provides guidance for policymakers on how to meaningfully partner with children and young people as climate and environmental champions for a sustainable response.

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ECD Resources
by Sheldon Shaeffer

Dr. Sheldon Shaeffer, Chair of the ARNEC Board of Directors, shares his insights on the impact of climate change on young children and early childhood development (ECD) in his blog featured on Bonnie’s Global Café under the series ‘Our World from my Window’ series. 

Watch the 15-minute blog here:  

This blog is being made available with the permission of the World Forum Foundation.

From day one, core mission of Bonnie’s Global Café has remained unchanged:

People who commit their lives to young children and their families have powerful stories to tell and we can find our own hope and inspiration as we listen. Bonnie’s Global Café is the space where people gather to share their stories. Stop by for tea and find affirmation and companionship

Bonnie’s Global Café was launched as a World Forum Foundation project by Bonnie and Neugebauer, co-founders of the World Forum Foundation. Bonnie’s objective was to enable people who are participants in World Forum Foundation community from over 100 countries to share their stories and news from their countries and to connect with each other through this sharing. So far over 250 members of the World Forum community from over 50 countries had shared news and stories in Bonnie’s Global Café.

ECD Resources

Tobacco poses risks to children’s survival, health and development. Protecting children from tobacco smoke is essential to helping them survive and thrive. Children exposed to tobacco smoke are at an increased risk of a range of diseases and are more likely to take up smoking themselves. Enabling children to grow up free from the dangers of tobacco and nicotine is a key aspect of providing clean, safe and secure environments. Comprehensive smoke-free policies positively impact child health and development.

This webinar convened by the World Health Organization in collaboration with the International Pediatric Association and the ECD Action Network, probes further into the Thematic Brief "Tobacco control for children’s health and development" and provides examples of how comprehensive smoke-free policies positively impact child health and development.

This webinar will review the health risks that tobacco and second-hand smoke poses to children, starting from the prenatal period, and the strong protective effects of tobacco control measures. The webinar will provide an overview of World Health Organization’s package of proven effective measures, MPOWER, and include examples of how countries are taking action to create smoke-free environments.

Watch the recording on YouTube:  

ECD Events
27 - 29 January 2022

AECED and Mobile Creches Early Years World Conference 2022

The 2022 Early Years virtual conference, ’Reimagining and reshaping Early Childhood Care and Education for the “New” Normal’, aims to explore how children, teachers, leaders, parents and other relevant stakeholders can cope, grow, learn, and thrive in a new normal of uncertainty, and volatility. It aims to reconnect to what we know works, reimagine ways to create thriving schools and classrooms, reshape meaningful learning, responsive teaching and parenting and dynamic and joyous learning environments that boost thriving in an uncertain Post-COVID Age. 

Call for abstracts is now open! 

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17 - 18 November 2021

The 2nd International Conference on Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (ICECCEP) organised by SEAMEO CECCEP in collaboration with Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon is scheduled on 17th – 18th November 2021. 

SEAMEO CECCEP is organizing an international conference to gather experts from all sectors to collect available best practices on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and parenting education for redefining the ECE learning strategies in the post-pandemic era. This conference also aims to create further discussions among education practitioners in the region.



Theme: Redefining the Effective Approach for Developing Early Childhood in the Post-Pandemic Era

Paper presentations and discussions are organized on the following scopes:

1. New learning strategies for ECE in post-pandemic era

2. The Role of Parents in Ensuring Children’s Education Continuity

3. Proper Education Intervention for Early Learners in pandemic era

4. Parenting Programs, Policy Making and Implementation

5. Teachers’ Resilience in Facing Pandemic Era

6. Critical Issues on ECCE and Parenting in and post-pandemic era


The keynote and Paraller Speakers of this conference are:

1. Nadiem Anwar Makarim, B.A., M.B.A (Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology)

2. Dr. M. Sofwan Effendi, M.Ed (MoECRT, Indonesia)

3. Dr. Sofia Hartati, M.Si (Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia)

4. Assoc. Prof. Marek Tesar (Auckland University, New Zealand)

5. Prof. Chiaki Miwa (Hiroshima University, Japan)

6. Ms. Ines Provoost (Aide et action, France)

7. Mr. Kadir Kaan (für Bildung und Erziehung (FBE), Germany)

8. Dr. Irfan Fauzi Rachmat, M.Pd (Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon, Indonesia)

Click here for the provisional agenda

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08 December 2021

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Global competence education focuses on the skills, values, and behaviors that prepare children to thrive in a diverse interconnected world. This webinar aims to define global competence, explain why it is important for today's learners, and show how it has been implemented in various programs.

Learn about experiential learning opportunities to engage students of all ages and across curriculum to build these essential skills. For more information, please visit: 

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