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This video captures a pedagogical approach which aims to promote and preserve the Māori language and customs as a means of cultural identity. This approach seeks to use traditional Māori knowledge and practices to address contemporary social and environmental issues in New Zealand society.

Access the full video via the ARNEC youtube channel HERE 


This video depicts an ‘innovative’ approach which reflects Kaede Kindergarten’s firm conviction that children develop through play; indeed, that ‘play makes children human’. Through the ‘Tower Building’ competition documented here, children at Kaede Kindergarten (facilitated by their teachers) are encouraged to engage in learning that promotes autonomy, creativity, cooperation and collaboration.

Access the full video via the ARNEC youtube channel HERE 


This video depicts how an ECD programme in Solomon Islands seeks to overcome challenges around access to early learning opportunities for children who live far away from state-based schools. It features how teachers draw on community support for ECD and how to create child-friendly teaching and learning environments using natural resources. The video also demonstrates how ECD facilitators interact with children as they play with blocks and other materials.

Access the full video via ARNEC youtube channel HERE 

ECD Calendar
01 - 03 March 2017

'The transformative power of ECD: the importance of holistic interventions' 


1. Policies and programmes which address the holistic nature of ECD in a broader spectrum that integrates but is not limited to health and nutrition, responsive caregiving, early learning, and protection.

2. Approaches which focus on equitable access to, and participation in, these holistic programmes and which therefore address discrimination based on gender, economic status, vulnerability, language/ethnicity, disability, and geography.

3. Quality monitoring of outcomes/measurements/indicators (how countries monitor the ECD-related targets in the SDGs) with special reference to inequity.

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30 - 31 March 2019

Child Australia is proud to announce the 2019 Early Childhood Learning and Development Conference, Western Australia’s most anticipated event by all those that work with children across a range of professions.

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08 - 11 April 2019

2019 World Forum on Early Care and Education - Macao
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