Strategic Goals And Key Activities

Strategic goal

For the optimal development of all young children in the Asia-Pacific region

ARNEC is a network of partners and stakeholders. Meaningful and effective collaboration is key to advancing the ECD agenda and realising the optimal development of all young children in the Asia-Pacific region.

ARNEC builds on partnerships reinforced by a clear engagement strategy with institutions, agencies, and individuals to deliver results in support of strategic outcomes. ARNEC performs connecting, facilitating, and leveraging roles and, with partners and stakeholders in the network, co-creates knowledge, advocacy and learning services on holistic and inclusive ECD.
Improve advocacy for holistic and inclusive ECD

ARNEC will continue to engage policy makers and key stakeholders including members, advocating the holistic nature of ECD in policies and programmes, and the strong interlinkages of SDG Target 4.2 with the rest of the SDGs.

Increase knowledge-base on ECD

ARNEC will work with partners to generate and consolidate new knowledge through research, documentation of good practices and the development of ECD tools and other resources.

Increase strategic partnerships and memberships

ARNEC will encourage more institutional and individual members ensuring full participation from highly diverse partners and members including research institutions, universities, corporation, and foundations.

Strengthen ARNEC's reach and impact at country level

ARNEC will form and/or strengthen linkages and broaden partnerships with national level ECD networks and associations.