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Children, disability and COVID-19

Ummeed’s Children, Disability, and COVID-19 Program encompassed the adaptation of two pre-existing training programs – The Early Childhood Champions (ECC) and T

Migrant workers and their young children during COVID-19

Mobile Creches’ COVID-19 response program was developed in response to the high rates of income loss and exacerbated poverty levels experienced by migrant worke

The role of play in engaging young children and their families during COVID-19

The Karona: Thodi Masti Thodi Padhai program was developed to continue and encourage learning for children aged three to six years within the home lear

iMulat: Leveraging technology in low-resource settings

The iMulat app was developed in 2018 as supplementary support to multiple existing programs delivered by Save the Children Philippines that aim to support posit

Pase Achhi: Standing beside children, caregivers, and frontliners in refugee communities during COVID-19

The Pashe Achhi remote learning program was developed to promote the wellbeing of caregivers and their children.