India: Climate Change for Young Children. Micro Research

Building on the joint scoping study with support from Early Opportunities, we have since supported micro research 4 countries in Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. These studies have provided empirical evidence to support the participation of young children in climate and environmental discourse and actions. This is one of a series of four micro research reports that summarize findings, lessons learned, and recommendations requiring urgent action.

The use of solid fuel for cooking and heating is prevalent among migrant labor families in the NCR of India. The micro research study aims to understand the willingness of these families to transition to cleaner cooking options and explore the costs and benefits associated with such a shift. The research study also examines the impacts of household air pollution, especially on women’s health, as they are the primary cooks in these households. By identifying barriers and perceptions related to cleaner cooking fuels, this study aims to inform effective policy interventions and awareness campaigns for promoting clean cooking practices.

Type of document : Reports

Country : India

Year of publication : 2023