[NEW RELEASE] Early Childhood Matters 2021

Climate change is especially dangerous for young children. Yet discussions about climate seldom refer to the fate of young children. They should.

This edition of Early Childhood Matters is dedicated to examining the many ways that climate change and early childhood intersect. The authors of this edition includes leading policymakers, researchers, educators, urban planners and activists from around the world, sharing on how to both develop ecological resilience and improve well-being in the early years.

Featuring 34 articles — including powerful photo essays and personal interviews — Early Childhood Matters 2021 is split into three sections:

1️⃣Evidence: Showcasing the worrying data and #evidence to create awareness

2️⃣New Approaches: Inspiring examples of #cities prioritising climate action and young children

3️⃣Activism and Education: Tips and personal stories from activists ensuring climate justice for future



For more details, please visit: https://earlychildhoodmatters.online/issues/early-childhood-matters-2021/

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Year of publication : 2021

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