Lao PDR utilizes a sector-specific approach and presently does not have a holistic national ECD policy.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is prominent within the Education Law of 2007 Articles 14 and 15. Three types of ECE programs are officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) with each respective national curriculum, including: 1) kindergarten; 2) pre-primary schools; and 3) community-based school readiness program. The National Early Learning Development Standards (ELDS) or “School Readiness Competencies” is available which feeds into the pre-primary curriculum.

Improvements in immunization can be observed in Lao PDR with increases in vaccination rates by more than 50% to its current rate of 82%. However, the country accounts for a large share of under-5 mortality rates within the Asia Pacific region at 64%. The under-5 stunting rates remain high at 44%.

National Representative

  • Arnec National Representative Laos
    Save The Children
    Mr. Somxay Inthasone

Noteworthy Practices

1. Research on early childhood education practitioners’ status and professional development

Noteworthy aspects:

This research helps increase the evidence base for effective policies and programs that support training of early childhood teachers, as well as raise practitioners’ status – thereby motivating them to be more effective in their work.

Achievements: Expected improvement in the quality of ECCD in Lao PDR, especially towards the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

2. Community-based school readiness

Noteworthy aspects:

Preparing children in remote, hard-to-reach villages for primary school through various strategies, including development of curriculum and teachers’ guide books, training for village teachers, and monitoring and supervision to strengthen village teachers’ capacity on community-based school readiness management.

Achievements: Children who participate in this program benefit from being more emotionally and socially developed upon entrance to primary school.

3. My Village TV series for children in Lao PDR (Produced by UNICEF Laos, various TV channels, and the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism)

Noteworthy aspects:

Educational and creative TV series aimed at young children between 3-6 years. The series are based on holistic and supportive method for building preschool readiness and life skills.

Achievements: Broadcasting and production of multiple locally-produced seasons backed by government’s commitment. Through involvement of local talents and creative local media, the episodes produced are developmentally-appropriate, culturally sensitive and inclusive.

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