[Webinar] Elevating Childcare as a Political Issue During an Election Year – and Beyond

  • When : 23rd June 2022

  • Time : 4:30pm - 2:30pm

  • Moderator :

  • Advocacy :

  • Panelists :


About the event

ECDAN, Agenda 227, Alliance for Early Success, Minderoo Foundation, Oxfam India

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Policy-advocacy is a critical lever for raising the profile of childcare as a national priority, securing political commitments from parties and candidates, and promoting a national dialogue around the care economy. In many countries, 2022 is an election year, creating both an opportunity to engage candidates and parties while also presenting added challenges to cut through the noise. Doing so requires targeted advocacy and communications strategies that can effectively engage key targets, tap into party platforms, capture media attention, and mobilize public and political support. Then build on those efforts to maintain the momentum built and hold decision-makers accountable after the election.

This webinar will bring together civil society organizations who have had success raising the issue of childcare as a policy priority during an election year and beyond to share strategies and lessons learned from their experiences.


  • Jay Weatherill- Director,Thrive by Five Initiative, Minderoo Foundation, Australia
  • Miriam Pragita- Executive Director, ANDI, Brazil
  • Albert Wat- Senior Policy Director, Alliance for Early Success, USA
  • Anjela Taneja- Lead Expert- Education, Health and Inequality, Oxfam India