Earth day 2022 - Our actions today shape our children’s future

  • Advocacy : Responsive Caregiving and Playful Parenting

22 April 2022 - On Earth Day we shine a light on how young children are the most vulnerable population suffering the effects of climate change and urgently need support to be able to absorb the impacts.

However investing in the well-being and rights of young children is key to building a sustainable future and should be placed at the forefront of the fight against climate change and environmental degradation!

Join our collaborative call to action to place young children at the heart of climate change responses and adaptation plans.

Join our Community of Practice as practitioners, policymakers researchers and experts from across the Asia-Pacific come together to generate ideas, share knowledge, ask questions, and communicate with others working in the field to co-create, co-produce, and co-deliver knowledge, advocacy and learning in the field of ECD, climate change and environmental hazards. Read more...

# InvestInOurPlanet