Final Conference report Beijing Conference 2015 'The transformative power of ECD for equitable development’

Introductory note by ARNEC’s Executive Director

Ms. Evelyn D. Santiago

Dear distinguished guests and participants,

On behalf of ARNEC, I am pleased to welcome you all to the 2015 Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference with the theme “Transformative Power of ECD for Equitable Development”. This year’s Conference held in Beijing from October 21-24 is co-organised with CDRF’s Fourth International Conference on Poverty Reduction and Child Development.

The Conference will bring together more than 500 participants from various countries in Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Ministers, Government officials, policy-makers, local and international NGOs, academia, researchers and field practitioners on early childhood and development (ECD) will come together to exchange ideas, share and learn from examples of ECD policy, noteworthy programs and current evidence-based researches on ECD.

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Year of publication : 2018