Integration report: Documentation of ECD programmes responding to Covid-19 pandemic

This project involved review and analysis of ten case studies of early childhood care and development (ECCD) programs that were developed or adapted to
respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic across seven Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) partner countries.
Analysis of programs prioritised responsive caregiving, early learning, and playful parenting, which is aligned with the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Nurturing Care Framework (NCF). The NCF logic model and guiding principles provided the primary lens through which case studies were reviewed.

The overarching aim of this report is to provide information relevant to programs and practices within the Asia-Pacific region, making this information easily accessible to both practitioners and policy makers. This sharing of practices and resources supports advocacy for early child development (ECD) and nurturing care in the region. Secondary aims included: (1) investigating how ARNEC and its partners, or other organisations and government bodies, responded to meet ECD needs during the COVID-19 pandemic at local, regional, and national levels; (2) detailing how such programs and initiatives could be distilled to inform future responses and adaptations in the context of increasing social and environmental volatility within the region; (3) documenting the implementation and impact of these programs and initiatives to illustrate their potential viability for practitioners in other contexts; and (4) outlining key policy messages that showcase the relevance of the work for incorporation or adaptation within different jurisdiction


Image by Leo Fontes from Pixabay 

Type of document : Reports

Country : Region

Year of publication : 2022