How young children cope with anxiety, fear, and stress

ARNEC webinar series on young children amidst COVID-19: webinar no.3

This webinar focuses on the ability of families and caregivers to recognise changes in behaviour among young children arising from prolonged periods of home quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the appropriate coping approaches for young children, as much as for the caregivers themselves.

The key questions that will be answered in the webinar are:

1. What changes in behaviour among young children are apparent or emerging under prolonged periods of home quarantine?

2. What practical strategies can parents and caregivers provide their young children to address adverse changes in behaviour, while also looking after their own well-being?

These questions will be answered in the third ARNEC webinar by experts and practitioners highlighting the importance of supporting young children and their families and caregivers in managing fear, anxiety, and stress arising from the COVID-19 situation.


The speakers and topics are found below:

Professor Marc de Rosnay, University of Wollonggong, Australia

--Impact of COVID-19 on young children’s socio-emotional development


Ms Thian Ai Ling and Dr Connie Lum, My First Skool (MFS), NTUC First Campus, Singapore

--Supporting children and parents during COVID-19, the My First Skool (Singapore) Way


Dr Nguyen Hai Thuong Plan, International Vietnam

--Addressing children’s stresses and fears under the COVID-19 pandemic through the efforts of Plan International Vietnam


Ms Nikki Reyes, ECCD Council of the Philippines

--Supporting the needs of caregivers to create a safe home environment for young children in the time of COVID-19

The webinar is moderated by Dr Neelima Chopra, ARNEC National Representative for India.

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Resources shared during the session:

Videos and articles by My First Skool, NTUC First Campus, Singapore

Covid-19 resources by Plan International Viet Nam:

Bingo cards and families activities by ECCD Council, Philippines

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